The Games

To minimise the risk of infringement on any copyright of the games, we have taken a number of measures. Through this page we want to inform our users, or everyone having an interest in this.

  1. We requested and obtained permission for a number of the games from the copyright holders known to us.
  2. Many of the games may be included on any Internet site without any (prerequisite) constraints. For some we could not find any copyright information or due to general use on the Internet, this information can no longer be obtained.
  3. We do not change anything in the source code of the games. For example, credit holders, brand names, or references to websites remain unchanged.
  4. For a number of games, the so-called deep linking technique is used. Here, we set up a link to the Internet address where the original games code is situated and the games code (FLASH or SHOCKWAVE) is NOT copied to the en.agame.com server. We are aware of the fact that deep linking is a subject of discussion, however, there is no information known to us to indicate that this is illegal (see articles on (deep)linking). We are also backed in this belief by the fact that this technique is applied by many other Internet sites.

The legislation around Internet developments and applications is still in full swing, and whatever is/is not allowed is not always obvious and there is room for subjective interpretations. It is therefore possible that, despite our careful and genuine intentions, a copyright holder may still feel that his/her interests are damaged. In such case, we request that you contact us. This can be done via an e-mail to the editors.

If your objection is reasonable i.e. comprehensible, the relevant game will immediately be removed from superigrice.com. Our experience has indicated that this approach works very well.